Shipping Information

We are currently shut down due to state regulations regarding COVID-19.



Ordering for Holiday Season 2020 Shipping Information:

Orders Placed JAN-JULY - Ship every two weeks

Orders Placed July-August - Begin Shipping September 1st 2019

Orders Placed September - Begin Shipping mid-Late September, Early October

Orders Placed October- Begin Shipping Nov 1st, unless the order is from, then it ships within 1-3 days.

Orders Placed Nov-DEC- Ship within 1-3 days.


Orders are shipped in the ORDER received, UNLESS you have a speific date your order is needed by that is prior to NOV 1st. You must notifiy us if this is your situation. Any orders July-Aug begin shipping Sept 1st unless it is an emergency order, Please call for information.


Off Season Shipping Delay - Click For More Details