Adult & Child Sizing

Please find the size of any santa hat under "Additional Information" at the bottom of the santa hat page.


PLUSH BRIM HATS DO NOT STRETCH AT ALL. --- NONE of our hats are mentioned to be adult, nor child sizes. They are all simply listed with a size. It is up to your to determine if that size will fit. Every santa hat has it's exact size listed on the page for that santa hat. They are ALL different and vary.


If you cannot get access to the child you are buying for, you can take reference to this chart below, but please remember, every child is different and head sizes vary much more than clothing size for their age.


For Child santa hats, any hat on our site can be made smaller, just select "More Options" and then select "Child size" on any santa hat page.


For Sizing the Child's Hat, all measurements on our site are the diameter of the hat. In other words, the width is the hat measured when laying flat. So a 10" Santa hat is actually 20" In Circumference. Most of the santa hats are stretchy up to an extra inch. Plush brim santa hats are not stretchy at all.  Santa Hats are meant to be worn like a baseball cap. All sizing is based on baseball cap sizing. If you try to pull our santa hats down over your ears, they WILL NOT FIT. They are made and meant to sit right on the top of your head.


Refunds cannot be issued for custom santa hats that do not fit. So please only use our charts for reference, all heads are not created equal!


Child Age Usual Circumference Hat Size
Newborn 12-14" 6-7"
0-3 months 14-17" 7-9"
3-12 months 17-18" 9"
1-2 years 18-19" 9-10"
2-3 years 19-20" 9-10"
3-4 years 19-20.5" 9-11"
4-6 years 20-21" 10-11"
6-8 years 21" 11"
8+ years 21-23" 11-12"
12+ years 22-26" 11-12 13" XL
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