Our materials vary based on the product you are looking at. At the bottom of the product view page, you will see a tab for "Additional Information". Here you can find fabric types, and material weights.


Fabric Types:

Fleece- Fleece is a regular fleece you are used to, just like fleece blankets.


Felt- Felt is a non-woven fabric that is made by pressing wool together using moisture and heat. Very thin felt will tear if pulled. Heavy Felt, like the ones we use, can still tear, but take more strength in pulling.


Plush- Plush is exactly like fleece, just with longer "hair" on it. This makes it get the plush look.


Cotton- Just like regular t-shirts



Fabric Weights


In our Hat designer, all SSF hats are made in China, DSF hats are made in USA. 


Cotton Heavy- This is a thicker and heavy cotton like denim


Cotton Light- This cotton weight is more like an average t-shirt


Canvas- Just like a light regular canvas material


Single sided fleece- This is just regular fleece, except only one side is brushed to give it the soft feel. The inner side is more like a cotton


Double sided fleece- This is also like regular fleece, on both sides. It is thicker than single sided fleece


Heavy Plush/Fur- This plush is very long hair like strands that come from the base of the material. Sometimes they can exceed a 1/2 inch


Sequin on felt- Sequin fabric is beautiful but very thin and light. To give it a better feel and look, we stitch it on top of a light felt


Velvet- Velvet is a single sided fabric, where one side is brushed to have a very light plush look and it is also shinny!


Generic Very Thin- This fabric can vary, but it is thin like bed sheets.


Generic Medium- This fabric is a medium weight, like a heavy t-shirt.



Double Sided Vs Single Sided Fleece:

Double sided fleece vs Single sided fleece



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